For the first 108 days of 2013 I lived in Florence Italy. For part of the time I taught the Ontario College of Art & Design University's Florence Campus program and for the rest I completed work on Giotto's O, an installation work for the Art Gallery of Ontario's Young Gallery (April 26- June 23, 2013)

perfect is a series of 108 drawings in silverpoint on prepared paper, one for each day of my time in Italy. With each drawing I attempt, fail and succeed to draw a perfect circle. What does that even mean? Perfection, that overwhelming Renaissance ideal. I was surrounded by it, immersed in it, it was in my face every single morning that I awoke and looked out my bedroom window at Giotto's Campanile in front of Brunelleschi's Duomo. And yet. perfection lay in the gentle return, the circling, the rounding in upon that elusive experience of being utterly present.

Nicole Collins
April 2013


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